TheFrelle's application

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TheFrelle's application

Post by The Frelle » September 10th, 2017, 10:11 am

Update - read the last comment by me

I will quote my mc-market post here, and add specific information that was not included, and required by the application format.
Hey lads!

As this is my very first time trying to reach out to a more professional circle, I will probably appear unprofessional to some in this offer. As stated, I do not have any prior professional experience, only the occasional just-for-fun thing going on, with some exclusions, although never any paid positions.

Region & info
I live in Denmark, but speak and write fluent English. The time zone is GMT+1.
My availability for weekdays is around 14:00 - 20:00. This can vary from more time, to less.
Weekends is very variable, and can go from the morning to the next morning in theory. That's of course extremely rare, but I'm usually not too busy.

My philosophy
Rules are rules, but how you enforce them unto others is an entirely different matter. I believe that for the best effect, and user-base happiness, a gentle and somehow forgiving approach is the best option. At least that's what has been working out the best for me.

Part of my philosophy is that one should always listen to all sides in a conflict. With no influence from relations to the players in the conflict, rules are rules.

I really enjoy trying to make a difference for the better, and to do my part in making the community thrive.

My experience
The most professional-esque position I've had, was a couple of years back as the most popular (at that time) danish semi-serious darkRP server. I was the Head Super Admin back when it was running, which I had worked my way up since originally being an admin. It was back then, that I tried out multiple approaches to situations, and where the more forgiving, and gentle approach, proved to be the one where people would actually start to abide and come back to play again.

My Minecraft experience has been that of a player since the early alphas when I was a kid (19 now), and my experience has furthermore been that as an owner of my own Minecraft server (of course there have been those small-scale just for friends servers, so technically not the only one) that was up for over half a year. I had to quit the project due to school being more important.

I'm more comfortable using text, but voice chat is not a thing I can't manage. On that note, I love forums, and will probably be really active on the forums.
Information not included in the mc-market post
I do have Discord, and have joined the channel.

Have I ever been punished on StrengthPvP?

If someone is spamming in chat, what would I do?
It depends on the situation. If it's obvious harassment, I would temporarily mute the individual, and talk to him about spamming. Then I would unmute him, and ask him to answer me if he had understood why I muted him, and if he agrees to further on abide by the rules.

If it's just a person who spams a bit about wanting to sell something, I would quietly PM him to please slow down the advertisments. If continued, a temporary mute and further explanation of the rules would be required.

If a player is calling out another for using a hacked client, what would I do then?
This very much depends on the permissions and plugins.

If the server has any sort of anti-cheat, I would go through its logs about the player in question, and check for any abnormalities. If it's quite obvious that the player has been using a hacked client, I would temporarily jail him, while explaining to him that It's been reported that he had been using a hacked client, and that our anti-cheat plugin checks out with the report. The first time I would ask him to kindly get rid of the hacked client instantaneously, and abide the rules from now on.

If the person has multiple offenses of not listening, and not getting rid of his hacked client, I would jail him one more time, and explain to him that I will now be temporarily banning him. I would also say that we value our players, regardless of situation, but do not shy away from punishment, and that it would be in everybody's interest that he would get rid of the client. After all, the person did come back several times to play on the server again.

However, if I don't have access to any sort of anti-cheat, I would try to monitor him for a given time. The same above applies if it's his first offense, or if it's a repeated offense. I would not question the person about his evident hacked client until I had been monitoring him for some time, in case he decides to say that he knows nothing of the sort.

Do I have the ability to record a minecraft video?
Technically yes, but I'm not entirely into the whole recording and streaming thing.
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Re: TheFrelle's application

Post by TheOrangeShyGuy » September 10th, 2017, 3:02 pm

+1 Good detail m8

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Re: TheFrelle's application

Post by The Frelle » September 10th, 2017, 3:15 pm

TheOrangeShyGuy wrote:
September 10th, 2017, 3:02 pm
+1 Good detail m8
Really glad to hear that :)

*Edited OP due to a small wrongly copied section from my mc-market post*

*Update* I'm still open to new offers over at mc-market, and I've had some new ones. It is not with a 100% certainty that I will be able to accept this one, if the application gets accepted. I hope you understand, as I'm only about to settle for one server. If you've got any questions, feel free to PM me. :)

I have decided that I would like to retract my application. The only thing I see from the Discord chat is not of the stuff that should help run a server (unprofessionalism).